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Lynn's Pet Beds, Crate Pads and Dog Toys

green bed

BrightStar Bichons love these beds with this new velour fabric.


Your pet bed will be 100% machine washable and dryable.

Top fabric is Velour*, bottom of the bed fabric is unreal lambskin (sherpa)

blue bed
pink bed
purple bed


An applique of your breed is optional at a $5 additional cost**  

Sample Appliques


Pet Beds are Ideal for cats or dogs  

Price is $1.00/inch...size is measured by the diameter of your finished bed 

Small: Approximately  25"

Med:  Approximately  30"

Large: Approximately 36"

* = Your choice of colors available or send me fabric that matches your bedroom or living room decor.

 ** = Not all breeds are available.  e-mail me and we can discuss your breed. 

FMI or to place an order:  e-mail:

Crate Pads

green crate pad
blue crate pad
Your choice of fabric and applique - #200 size (above) is $18.00


Sample Velour Fabrics

velour fabric


Dog Toys

The tail is 8" long and the piece 4" square or round.

Instead of squeakers which dogs love to get at, these toys make a noise similar to a baby's rattle.

$30/dozen or $3.00 each (plus shipping if necessary)

Lynn dog toys



FMI or to place an order:  e-mail: