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Chipper enjoyed the weave poles, table, and jump obstacles. He received his Novice Agility Jumper (NAJ) title with the highest score for his jump height in 2003.

Chipper Weave Poles


Weave Poles

"Chipper" practiced the weave poles almost every day in our backyard since this is the most difficult obstacle to learn (and the most fun!). When "Chipper" was beginning competition he would only have to complete 6 poles at the trials. Dogs must enter the line of weave poles with their left shoulder and weave through to the end.


Chipper on Table


Sitting on the Table

"Chipper" loved jumping onto the table. He must either "sit" or "down" for the judge's count.


Chipper Lower jump  

Going Over the Jump

"Chipper" could easily jump the 8 inch height on the jumps. Jumps come in different configurations and number of bars. Jump heights vary within each organization.