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"Cody" has been learning agility for several years. He received his Novice Agility Jumper title (NAJ) and a plaque from the Bichon Frise Club of America for highest scoring bichon in 2006 in his class! He has as earned his Rally Novice title in 2009 with the highest scores in his class! He has also earned his Canine Good Citizen Award (CGC). At the Bichon Frise National Show in Indianapolis in 2010, he received an award plaque for being a "Versatile Dog"!

Cody Dog Walk  


Dog Walk

The dog walk is one of "Cody's" favorite pieces of equipment which has two narrow ramps joined by a long board. "Cody" must walk up the ramp, cross the board and walk down the ramp on the other side. There are yellow contact zones on the up and down ramps. The dog must touch these contact zones with all four paws, or else they are faulted.


Cody Tunnel  


From Tunnel to the Jump

"Cody" runs from the orange tunnel to the jump There are many words that are used by the handler to designate the jump. For example, we say "over" to mean go over the jump. Other handlers use the words "jump" or "hup" to mean the same thing. If the dog hits the jump bar which falls to the ground, that is a fault.


Cody Tire  

Going through the Tire

"Cody" loves to go through the tire and he goes through very quickly. The tire is set at different jump heights depending on the size of the dog. "Cody" runs through the tire which is set at 12 inches.