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From one of my puppy buyers: "He is such a joy and is thriving.  He has many canine and people friends.  He also works as an informal therapy dog for a man who is in hospice care and a woman who is 95.  He is much loved by many in my building and is a favorite of the neighborhood.

You provided me with a loving, loyal companion and I love him dearly."

Please complete this puppy questionnaire and so that we may contact with you.

Thank you for your interest in BrightStar Bichon Frise.


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Do you have another dog? If so, what breed?

Did you ever have a dog? If so, what breed?

Do you have any children living at home? If so, what are their ages?

Do you have a fenced yard? If no, how will the puppy receive exercise?

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Have you ever had a bichon? If yes, please tell us about the dog.

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